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Why you Need Roku Com Link Account



If you want to add channel on Roku streaming player then you have to create Roku com link account.



What is the Www Roku Com Link Account?



Roku com link account store information which Roku streaming device you installed as well as your settings and the preferences. Make sure you use the valid email address which you use with the Roku account. If you want to manage account notifications then you have to choose a strong password.



 Why you Need Account?



Before start streaming various entertaining content such as channels, movies, music you have to install on your Roku device. For that, you have to link Roku device with Roku account. Furthermore, by www Roku com link account, you can also manage your subscriptions, linked devices, purchase history as well as updates your preferences such as pin and payment method.



 How to Create Account



 If you want to activate Roku streaming device then is necessary to link with Roku com link account. Just create your Roku account. For that, here is guidance to create Roku account:

1. Go on Roku sign up page.

2. Enter first name, last name which you want to use.

3. Then enter email and password.

4. Then click on the continue option 

5. Now your Roku account is created.

Note: There are no fees during account activation or creation.  It's necessary to link your payment method such as credit card. If you link your payment method then you are able to buy subscriptions of the channels, movies as well as other purchases from Roku channel store.




So here is guidance for why you need Roku com link account. We hope this guideline works well. Apart from this, if you have other Roku queries then you can contact us. Stay in touch with us.